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Community Action Norwich is our social outreach work with children, youth work and older people. 

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History of New Hope

The Christian Fellowship Norwich (the Trust behind NHCC) is an independent evangelical, charismatic church. We are members of The Evangelical Alliance and Transforming Norwich (the inter-church organisation in Norwich).

The churDSCN0427ch moved to a former United Reformed Church property in Lakenham in 1987. Since then we have enlarged our sphere of influence in the area, not least through the work of Community Action Norwich, a charity which was established for our social action work in the area.
Our buildings have been adapted and enlarged as the needs of the work grew. We are now just about at full stretch given our programmes and the numbers of people involved.
As well as our own programmes we accommodate numerous other ministries and groups such as; Partners in the Service of Christ, Widows and Orphans Relief & Development Trust (WORD Trust), Apostolic Faith Ministries International, Community Action Norwich, and the World Wide Church of God.
When we moved to Lakenham we had a few people who lived in the  area. Now 46% of the church folk live in the area. People have joined us via our Lunch Club for older people and other of our programmes.
Numbers are coming to faith and being baptised as Christian believers. We are a lively, active church, ministering to hundreds of people every week and impacting the community in which we are based.
Our people are committed to serving the Lord Jesus in all aspects of their lives, which shows in the high level of Christian service performed by them, both within the church itself, and in the wider Body of Christ in Norwich and beyond. We rejoice in the extent of our sphere of influence and give thanks to God for this ministry.   




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