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Discover more about who we are, our people, history, values and purpose. 

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Find out about our Sunday services, cell groups, prayer, young people, cafe church, overseas mission. 

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Community Action Norwich is our social outreach work with children, youth work and older people. 

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Our Values

  • NHCCPeople500We value being part of a church that is made up of any and every social, gender and age mix.
  • We value the sense of being part of a family but also the freedom to be oneself and express one’s individuality.
  • We value honesty and openness in our relationships and encourage everyone to walk in the light with other people at all times.
  • It is important for us that people serve according to the gifts that the Lord has given them. Gifts of the Holy Spirit are important to us and we encourage their use.
  • It is important for us to make full use of everyone whom the Lord sends among us - regardless of how long they have been with us - as long as they have the gifting, experience and character appropriate for a given role.
  • People are at different stages in their spiritual journey. We value giving people freedom to grow and make their way at a pace which is appropriate to them. We see people rather than programmes for people to fit. We value people rather than organisation.
  • We value team work and seek to conduct our work through teams of people who feel called of God and have a desire to work in a given area.
  • We value a leadership style that depends upon gifting from God and not upon status or office. Leaders are members of the body, fellow servants of Christ, and part of a team.
  • We value leadership which is called and appointed by God, which carries with it the authority and responsibility, to make decisions and give direction. We value the leadership style that gives delegated responsibility to others. We value Leadership style that listens to others.
  • It is important to us that all who lead, serve or minister in any  capacity should be humble and open to examination and evaluation at all times. Accountability and transparency in all things is important to us.



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