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Report on Victor's visit to Nhamatanda Orphanage 

Victor Gillon visited the Nhamatanda Orphanage in Mozambique during April 2015. He was able to spend time with both Daniel and his wife Alice but also with the children who live at the orphanage. Victor was also able to get involved with local life and make a real contribution to the lives of the people in Nhamatanda.

Daniel was able to share with Victor, his vision for the future of some of the boys and girls at the Orphanage. There is an organisation in Beira called Young Africa, which was set up by an English group to give young Africans a trade (mechanics; electricians; carpenters). This is a three-month course which gives students the basic skills in these trades. The courses are mainly for boys but they are open to girls in subjects such as catering. To get onto these courses, the children need to have reached a certain grade at secondary school.

Daniel also shared that there is a Zimbabwean-backed organisation called Team Mission which wants to build a school on part of the Orphanage’s grounds. This school would be privately run to teach young people English; although it would not be for the orphans, indirectly they would benefit because Daniel would receive a rent from Team Mission for the use of the property on the Orphanage’s grounds.

Daniel was very excited and thanking God for the bumper crop of rice which one of his fields had produced. It was such a good harvest that Daniel had to employ more workers to bring it in. Victor was able to pay for some of these workers, paying the going rate for working from sunrise to sunset in one of these fields of the equivalent of £2 a day. Over there, this is considered a fair wage in view of the cost of living.

While he was there, the new President of Mozambique came to speak in Nhamatanda; Daniel, being one of the elders of the town, was invited to meet with him. There was great excitement in the town when the President came – not only lots of local people, but the army and the police were also there in force. Victor was in the crowd waiting to see the President but, because of the heat, it got to the stage where he couldn’t wait any longer, so missed seeing him.

Daniel should have gone to a hospital on the border with Zimbabwe to have cataracts removed from his eyes in June. We pray that the operation was a success, as Daniel’s eyesight is beginning to fail quite rapidly. Other than his eyesight, he is in good health and continues to work tirelessly for the children and for his local church. He is ably supported by his wife, Alice.

Over the years Victor has seen various improvements in life at Nhamatanda, the latest being a pharmacy which is available to all. While he was there, he bought some medication for some of the children who needed it for a skin complaint.

Victor found the children as usual happy to see him, and was able – through the support of people like yourselves – to offer them help with food, clothing and medication. One of the benefits of someone like Victor being there is that he can see a need and can often help to meet it. Once again, on behalf of Daniel and the children, a very big thank you for your generosity.


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