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CANMontageWho we are - meeting the needs of people

The charity, Community Action Norwich, was formed in 1999, as an umbrella organisation for the social outreach work of a local Free Church based in the Lakenham area of Norwich.

The Church had been working in the community for 10 years before Community Action Norwich was formed. Lakenham has approximately 19,000 residents, and according to Local Authority tables is listed as the third highest priority area in the city, in terms of social deprivation and need.
Daily we are dealing with issues surrounding family breakdown, poverty, crime, drug and alcohol misuse and isolation of older people.
A charitable trust was formed to enable us to be better equipped to meet the challenges and buy up the opportunities, which were opening to us. We won the Investor's in People Award in November 2002 and continue to keep up the standard of quality the award requires.


Our high profile in the area, our good working relationships with the local churches, statutory agencies and other care related projects, means that we offer an excellent range of programmes, impacting the lives of many people.Community Action Norwich is making a difference to the lives of many people in Lakenham and Norwich.


Community Action Norwich promises to uphold basic human values as presented through Christian teachings. We seek to reflect these values through our own lives and caring work. We believe in the inherent dignity, the unique beauty and potential goodness of all people.
We recognise that in each human being there is a valuable member of society, who is worthy of respect, no matter what lifestyle they choose to follow. We acknowledge the right of each individual to experience the love which is based in Christianity. We are committed to sharing this love by offering care and hospitality.
We aim to provide an environment in which all will feel valued and loved and in which a sense of self-worth will generate inner healing. We value excellence in all things. Using our talents and energies we will strive to create programmes which encourage the growth of all.

Our people


Mrs Doreen Betts JP – Chair of Trustees
Mrs Clare Elkins - Project Director
Mr Duane Elkins - Manager of Elderly Services
Mrs Vanessa Collins - Day Centre Administrator
Mr Clive Drake - Bookkeeper
Nicola Thompson – Kitchen Manager
30+ valued volunteers without whom we could not run our services


Rev John H Betts - Trustee
Mrs Everjoice Makuve - Trustee
Mrs Jenny Drake - Trustee
Mrs Barbara Edwards - Trustee
Mr Clive Drake - Co-opted Member

Professional Advisor

Aleathia Mann - Accountant


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