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New Hope Christian Centre

Partnering with Jesus in prayer

Where are we going as the people of God? What is our expectation of the Lord for our work in Lakenham? Worship Conference

I have been powerfully impacted by my studies in “the Lord’s prayer” during August. My personal prayer life has been refreshed and I have gained new insights into how to partner with Jesus praying, “Let your Name be hallowed, Let your kingdom come, Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

I have come to see that the Lord is waiting for His people to join Him in praying into existence the purposes of God in our day and generation. Our programmes and services etc., are right and proper for the church to be involved in but they will only produce the fruit for which we long when we partner with Jesus in prayer. God has promised us that He will hear our prayers and answer our cries. Often He moves on our behalf (despite our lack of prayer), how much more then when we seek His face and call upon His Name in accordance with His will and purpose!

The history of revivals in the nations over the generations shows us that God moves in power when; His people become thoroughly dissatisfied with the low state of the church and the moral decline of the nation, and call upon Him to come and do what only He can do.

The outcome has often been; the public houses have emptied; the quality of family life has been greatly improved; the courts and the police have had nothing to do and the churches have been full of people seeking God with all their hearts.

The question for me is am I complacent about the church and the world in which we live or am I dissatisfied with things as they are? I have felt touched again by the Holy Spirit and challenged not to settle for the status quo.

During the 1970’s and 80’s we in Norwich saw a move of God which resulted in a group of 11 grow to be over 450 people. I could tell many stories of things which the Holy Spirit did in those days. However that would just make me another old man telling stories of what used to be. I would be happy to do that if it would stir others to believe God for these days, but my main desire is to see a fresh move of God here amongst us in Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolk and beyond.

Article printed from at 04:35 on 27 June 2017