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 Activism Marketing and the Transgender Doll

 by Stephen Green

The world's first 'transgender doll' is an example of activism marketing

The world’s first ‘transgender doll’ is an example of Activism Marketing

The world’s first ‘transgender doll’ is appearing at this week’s New York Toy Fair, according to the BBC.
There have been thousands of tweets about the Tonner Doll Company product. The Twitter-sphere is divided between those supporting and those ridiculing the stunt.
So how do you make a ‘transgender doll’? The manufacturers say: ‘This is an 18″ doll, much like that of every other child doll out there.’ ‘The doll itself is hard plastic and vinyl and no specific parts, much like all the dolls we have created …’ Pictures show the doll is wearing girls’ clothing.

Modelled on activist

In fact there is only one thing that makes this a ‘transgender doll’. Its facial features are modelled on a teenage activist born a boy, now living as a female. That is why the doll has a slightly masculine face.

Jazz Jennings shot to fame, says the BBC, after an interview he did about gender dysphoria. Popular US TV presenter Barbara Walters conducted the interview.
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Stephen Green, 22/02/2017

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